Meet the New Foxy!

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 14th, 2018

When a new year comes around, many of us will consider having a complete makeover in order to try and reinvent ourselves.
The world of online bingo is no different – as the new look Foxy Bingo can testify!

The site has unveiled a new look, one that is cleaner, slicker and possibly even more upbeat (if that’s possible!)

Across the new site and TV adverts, Foxy himself is sporting a new look too!

Gone is the 70s inspired wine coloured suit with open collared shirt, and in its place is a sharp purple suit with black tie to complete the stylish look!

The first TV advert premiered last night following Monday’s edition of ‘Coronation Street’. In the ad Foxy is joined by leagues of buddies on Brighton pier – all dancing to a remix of Judy Garland’s 50s hit “Get Happy”.

There have been other teaser trailers hinting at further adverts to come, as well as lots of online activity.

‘The Only Way is Essex’ star Joey Essex features in the online video available now. In this comedic video we find out how Foxy got his new look, as well as dressing Joey up in silly outfits!

 Tricycle London is behind this through-the-line campaign, and Matt Carter, the creative director there said: “We’ve managed to bring a bit of retro cool to the Foxy Bingo brand. A brilliantly fun location, some amazing choreography, all accompanied by an iconic 50s track should make this another successful campaign for the loveable northern fox.”

Golan Shaked, the director of games at, which owns Foxy Bingo, said: “Foxy’s makeover represents the recent upgrade to our overall product proposition.

“We have made Foxy Bingo more contemporary with over 60 new, best in class games, an upgraded user interface and great emphasis on developing the mobile and touch device experience.”

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