More Details Revealed About Collapse at Gala Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 13th, 2018

Remember the story we brought you last week about a pensioner collapsing at a bingo club? Well, now more details have come out surrounding the whole incident, which we can reveal now.
Relatives of the woman in her 80s who collapsed at a Gala Bingo in Crawley last week have slammed Gala Bingo for their handling of the situation.

We now know the woman in question was 86 years old, and her family members were shocked when the game that was currently playing at the time was not stopped by the club when she experienced a medical episode.

Family members including Kay Guidera, a niece of the pensioner, said: “Whilst playing a game my aunt passed out.

“Her daughter and granddaughter were terrified as they thought she was dead because they couldn’t bring her round.

The caller was asked to stop, which he did, and the manager helped to put my aunt in the recovery position and called an ambulance.

“He then instructed the caller to continue calling the numbers.

“When the paramedics arrived it was so loud in the hall that my cousin was having to shout to explain what had happened.

“The manager should have had the respect and decency to ask the caller to stop for a few minutes while the paramedics established what was wrong with my aunt and acted accordingly.

“Instead my cousin had to take them outside so they could hear.”

They have all been left “disgusted” by the events and complained to the company’s CEO, only to be told that it is policy to keep a game going if someone falls ill.

Ms Guidera said that her family will never return to the bingo hall and said other players were also concerned at how the incident was handled.

She complained directly to Carl Leaver, chief executive of the Gala Coral group, and asked him to send staff for further customer service training.

Mr Leaver responded by email saying:

“I am sorry to hear about your aunt’s experience. Born out of much experience and feedback from our customers, it is Gala Bingo’s policy to continue to carry on with bingo in the unfortunate instance that one of our customers becomes ill at one of our sites. Our experience previously has been of other customers getting inappropriately involved and the customer who is ill becoming more distressed and upset. Our primary concern is always to ensure we get the appropriate care to the customer as soon as possible.”

Ms Guidera said she was “shocked” by the response.

“I have never been so disgusted in my life as I was to receive his reply.

“I really feel that the arrogant, dismissive and totally unacceptable attitude of Gala Bingo towards an elderly lady in need of care should be highlighted. This is outrageous and if this is the policy that they stand by and practice, then I really feel something should be done to change it.”

This is a very regrettable state of affairs, and we hope the family get the answers and outcome they are looking for very soon.

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