Naughty November Deals at Cheeky Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 13th, 2018

As we say goodbye to all the fun Halloween themed promotions in October, it’s not quite time to celebrate Christmas just yet. However that doesn’t mean Cheeky Bingo aren’t still right on the money with top offers for players all November long!
Starting off with a bit of cockney charm, players can enjoy some Del Boy Bingo every week this November. The only fools there will be in this game are those who don’t take part! Having dug these great bingo games from the depths of the Robin Reliant, you’re in for a cushty treat from Del Boy himself.

Every Friday in November there’s a different game to play, each with a £250 jackpot up for grabs. On Friday 6th November you can play with double the chance of winning thanks to the BOGOF tickets deal. Then on Friday 13th November, which is unlucky for some, you can still enjoy the same jackpot but the bingo prizes are turned on their head with the top prize going to the 1 line winner. On the 20th November, players with 1TG and 2TG will all win a prize too, and on Friday 27th November there’s no need to break the bank before payday as tickets cost just 1p each!

All games play out at 8pm on the respective Fridays and are 90 ball games, with the exception of Friday 20th November which is a 75 ball game.

If you thought that was lovely jubbly, then wait till you see the amazing £10K slider game that takes place on Sunday 29th November. Playing out at 8pm, this 75 ball game starts off with a £10K jackpot which will be won if bingo is called in 24-43 calls. If not, the jackpot then slides down further the more calls that need to be made. Don’t worry as at least £2,000 is guaranteed in this game. Tickets are just 50p each which are well worth it considering the sum you could win.

Enjoy a naughty November at Cheeky Bingo!

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