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New Penny Bingo Games at Treasure Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: December 30th, 2015

The best way to kick off 2016 is surely with a jackpot and Treasure Bingo are allowing their players to walk away with a totally free cash jackpot.
If that wasn’t enough they have these cheap bingo games all through January, to make the coldest month of the year one of the hottest. Each Wednesday in January they have a varying jackpot for their players and the ticket price varies too. The first of these games takes place on the 6th of January and to start these games in style the tickets are totally free. The jackpot for this game is £50 in cash, which is great for a free bingo game. It’s unusual that free games would have a cash jackpot instead of bonus funds, which is excellent for players who want to withdraw their winnings right away instead of wagering them to get their winnings.

After this the schedule changes and the games become penny bingo games, with tickets priced at 1p for two weeks and 2p for the last week. The last week of the game is more expensive but the jackpot is even bigger with a £100 up for grabs. Each of the games takes place at 10pm on a Wednesday, so there’s a lot of opportunity to get involved in these games.

Players can choose to play with as little as one of these tickets or splash out with 96 of them to really fish for a jackpot. The games are all 75 ball bingo games so the winner will take all of the cash on offer each week, so it can be exceptionally rewarding. If you don’t want to play in the paid games then you can at least play in the first free one to get your chance at some extra cash.

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