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Drunk Man Mistakes Bingo Club for 'Candy Store'

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: August 10th, 2018

I’m sure many of you have been there: gone out for a big night of bingo with your mates, maybe drunk a bit too much and ended up with a major case of the munchies!
Most people will more than likely grab a kebab or raid the fridge when they get home. With the aim to generally cause as little fuss and disturbance as possible, before then crawling into bed and sleeping the big night off.

Not Nathan Westmoreland of Shotton, who chose a more unusual approach to satisfy his post bingo cravings! Prosecutor Richard Edwards told Mold Crown Court how the 35 year old had fallen asleep in The Apollo Bingo Club in Rhyl and was then locked in overnight.

The cleaners who turned up for work the next morning were unsurprisingly confused when they found him, but the account of his antics was quick to follow.

He had gone into the club legitimately, but broke into the fridge to have a solo booze up and what appeared to be a picnic, by making up a salad from tomatoes and cucumbers. At least he was still thinking about getting his 5 a day!

In a less health conscious move, Mr Westmoreland had also caused damage to a sweet dispenser. Perhaps wanting some pudding to follow his veggie dinner, he had tried to get into the dispenser and broken it as a result of his attempts.

Although fingerprints had been left on the sweet dispenser, it wouldn’t have taken a detective to figure out who had been responsible for this candy crime!

Mr Westmoreland was charged with burglary, a charge which was later dropped at Mold Crown Court when it was accepted that he had entered the premises for a lawful purpose, but also admitted to stealing food and causing damage to the dispenser. Simon Rogers who was defending the client said “He was drunk.”

Despite this, he was jailed for 3 months by Judge Niclas Parry, with Mr Westmoreland’s previous convictions being the main reason for the sentence.

Westmoreland heard his sentence given at Mold Crown Court as he appeared via a live television link from Altcourse Prison in Liverpool.

Considering the bizarre and pretty embarrassing nature of the ‘crime’, you can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever step inside a bingo hall ever again. Even playing online bingo might be a humbug too far!

Thankfully if you’re a responsible bingo player that hasn’t been left in a bingo club all night, you can carry on playing as much as you like! WDW trust that the only crime you’ll commit is diving into the sweetie tin when you next play a game of bingo!

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