Plumber's Bingo Prize Goes Down The Drain

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: October 10th, 2014

Now we usually like to bring you a happy or funny story on a Friday, but sadly this story is on a very different theme!
A plumber from Walpole St Andrew in Norfolk has missed out on a £10K win after a bingo club manager failed to stop play during the game.

Earlier this week, Ronald Price shot his hand in the air and shouted out when he completed a line for a prize of £10,000.

A checker at Winners Bingo in Wisbech went over to verify his card and everyone expected the manager to then stop the national link-up game, relayed to independent clubs across the country.

But the manager didn’t react, according to Denise, Mr Price’s wife, and continued to read the numbers.

Only mere seconds later and the line was won by a player from another bingo club.

Winners Bingo say the manager didn’t hear the shout – and say that bingo rules insist the caller has to hear a claim in order to stop the game.

Mrs Price said of the moment: “I was jumping up and down excited. People in the club went mad shouting Wisbech has got it! Wisbech has got it!

“The game should then be stopped to check the numbers, but it wasn’t and the caller continued and somebody else won – we missed out on our winnings through no fault of our own.

“I shouted out loud. The checker heard me because he came over to me with his microphone. Loads of players in the club heard. I went white when I realised the game hadn’t been stopped.

“It is a hell of a lot of money. It would make a massive difference to our lives.”

The couple have been playing at Winners Bingo since 2006 and enjoy bingo at least 3 times a week.

A spokesman for Winners Bingo said: ““When the disputed claim arose for the line prize in question, neither the manager nor the caller, who were both on stage at the time, heard any claim.

The manager alerted the calling club on noticing audience movement, but by this time the next number was started by the caller, thereby invalidating the claim by the Wisbech member.

“It was apparent to the manager that members sitting in close proximity to the player claimed that they had heard something but players sitting further away and especially by the stage heard no claim at all.

“Winners Bingo share the member’s disappointment that the member missed out on this prize.”

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