Online Bingo More Social Than Bingo Halls!

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 12th, 2014

We all know how popular playing bingo online has become, but many may say that this trend has led to less social interaction and the loss of a sense of community and friendship amongst bingo-ers. We say… not true!
Mirror Bingo has given 5 reasons why online bingo is more social than playing in a bingo hall.

1. You Don’t Have to Play in Silence

In a traditional bingo hall, talking or noise of any kind is generally frowned upon. Not so with online bingo! You can gasp, talk to yourself and even scream in the comfort of your own home, all without the worry of disturbing anyone or getting looks of disapproval!

2. It’s Automatic

You don’t have to keep track of the numbers called with online bingo, unlike in traditional in-hall games. The automatic nature of having your numbers marked off means you can get on with other things, like chatting in forums!

3. Make Friends in the Chatrooms

Chat is actively encouraged in online bingo with the addition of chatrooms alongside games. You can wish other players good luck (GL), announce how many more numbers you have to go (1TG, 2TG, 3TG) and congratulate winners (WD) with fun lingo.

4. There are Chatroom Games

Online bingo sites offer loads of chatroom games you can play as well as bingo. In these games you can meet people, make new friends and play against each other.

5. Play with Friends

You can hold your own bingo night, rather than going all the way down to the local bingo hall to enjoy some games. Just invite the girls round for a night of drinks, snacks and of course, bingo! Either huddle round your computer to have a shared bingo experience, or get them to all bring their laptops for a total bingo party!

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