Reporter Puts Dundee to the Test

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 13th, 2018

On Friday we brought you the story that Dundee is the luckiest place in the UK to play bingo.
In light of this news, The Tele sent a reporter to test the claims!

Connor McCann went to the Mecca Bingo in Dundee to see how lucky he would be. He wrote an account of his visit – we’ve picked some of the best bits!

“It’s lunchtime and already players are arriving for the first of the day’s bingo sessions. With focus etched on each player’s face – eyes scanning as many as five books at a time – multi-coloured blobs of ink mark the cards as the caller sings out the numbers thick and fast.

“All of a sudden, the silence is broken as a voice from the back of the packed hall cries ‘house!’ – and the first winner of the afternoon collects a £10 prize.

“Raising her book up in the air, Margaret Morton, 63, puts the purple envelope of money to one side and gets on with another game.

“Since her retirement, she has enjoyed coming through from Perth to Britain’s luckiest bingo hall, Mecca Bingo Club on the Nethergate.

‘I come through with my husband every Thursday – the place is always busy and there’s always someone winning. It’s a fun wee day out and it certainly feels like a lucky place – especially when you win.’

“Each announcement of the game is met with an excited murmur with hundreds of players hoping to win cash prizes ranging from £10 to the day’s £1,700 jackpot. Conversations stop mid-sentence and everyone listens intently as the numbers are smoothly called out either in house or from the caller.

“Only an attempt at calling the numbers by a nervous reporter interrupts the flow.

“The pace and intensity of the games has remained the same for years according to Chris Muir, who was lucky enough to win £1,000 before the previous hall burned down in August 1995.

“The 82 year old from the West End said: ‘I won £100 about four weeks ago and I also managed to win £1,000 before the place burned down, so for me it was even a lucky place back then.’

“As the afternoon rolled on, shouts from across the hall came from the dozens of lucky winners. But this Tele reporter must be saving up his luck for another day!”

So it seems the anecdotal evidence about Dundee being the luckiest place to play bingo is so far inconclusive!

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