Santa Receives a Helping Hand from Dino Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: December 15th, 2015

Although Santa’s helpers are usually reindeer and elves this month the dinosaurs at Dino Bingo have decided to take the reins and become the best helpers they can be.
These giant dinosaurs are doing their part by getting their players ready for Christmas with bingo games with massive prizes. Sadly this promotion is coming to an end this Friday, but there’s still a chance to win a luxury entertainment pack. This contains a TV, DVD player and an Amazon voucher so the player can get ordering their favourite movies to watch during the holidays.

This game starts this Friday at 10pm and it’s a 75 ball game, with the winner taking home the whole prize. The tickets are 5p with a maximum of 96 on offer to each player on the site, it doesn’t cost much to max these out and it can be worth it if you win that prize.

Alongside the technology gift the winning player will also be given 50 free bingo tickets to their Santa Claws game. In this game there’s a year of free bingo on offer for the winner and this will cover them for a plethora of bingo games.

If you’re interested in playing in this game it takes place on Christmas Day at 9.30pm with tickets starting at £2 each. The tickets for this game are a little more pricey but with 50 of them free for the winner they’ll be well on their way to maxing these cards out. This adds another £100 worth of tickets to this prize and a year of free bingo is nothing to sniff at. Players can also earn free tickets to this game by depositing £11 or spending £22 on slots to get their place in this bonanza bingo game.

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