Sun Bingo's First Social Media Campaign

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: November 19th, 2014

As we’re all pretty aware, Christmas is a very quiet time for us online bingo players!
Rather than logging on to enjoy some thrilling games and hoping to win a bit of cash or an exciting prize during the festive period, we’re with our families and having as just a great time!

Bingo sites are more than aware of this too – they know they need to work harder to keep our interest during Christmas! This is why Sun Bingo has announced it is hiring advertising agency Wunderman to be the force behind their social media campaign.

No content with just offering loads of festive giveaways, jackpots (especially through some clever TV ads) – Sun Bingo is targeting social media too.

There aren’t many of us who don’t remain more or less glued to our phones even during Christmas time, and this means we continue to be as social media obsessed as ever!

Sun Bingo’s plan is to have Wunderman connecting with players via social media and making sure they’re aware of what they’re missing by not visiting the site!

Mel Edwards, chief executive of Wunderman, said: “Sun Bingo is a massively popular service but bingo players tend to have a break over the busy Christmas period. The campaign will target players through social media with the familiar Sun Bingo visual identity.”

The site hope to continue to use Wunderman for presence on their social media platforms. Emma Loveday, bingo marketing manager for The Sun, News UK said: “The appointment follows the agency’s appointment onto the roster earlier this year.”

So this Christmas campaign may only be the start of successful things to come!

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