The Secret to a Long Life? Bingo!

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: February 16th, 2015

We have another story of someone who has been lucky enough to reach an impressive age, and puts the secret of their longevity down to bingo!
Milly Smith from Stretford in Greater Manchester has just reached her 100th birthday and says she’s been getting out and about playing bingo for over 30 years in a bid to keep active.

She celebrated seeing her 100th year with her sons Ken (69) and Billy (67) at a local bingo hall, after having received her telegram from the queen of course!

Milly’s sons have also been buying her huge jigsaw puzzles to keep her busy when she’s not playing bingo!

Living only 15 yards from her flat at Ingleby Court, her sons are always on hand with a puzzle or two for Milly!

She says: “I asked them for a small one, but they bought me a huge 1,000 piece instead, but I try to do a bit every day when the lads aren’t around and I get some peace and quiet. But they do keep me active and look after me really well.”

The celebrations were much appreciated by Milly – she was surprised by her son’s plans to have a huge happy birthday balloon tied to her bingo chair, as well as a birthday cake.

And now Milly and her sons live so close together, they are always there to lift her spirits and spur her on.

“It’s great living so close together because Ken and I can always keep an eye on her.

“We keep her active but we give her a bit of stick too, and wind her up sometimes, but we’re always there to keep her company.”

We think it’s fantastic that Milly has been able to enjoy playing bingo right up to her 100th year, and here’s to it helping her to a few more!

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