Towie Star Bobby Norris Blings up Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: October 16th, 2015

Towie fans were in their element at bingo event in Stanford Le Hope, Essex as the whole cast turned out for it. They were there to show support to their co-stars who were hosting the event. Chloe Sims who was hosting the event with Bobby Norris was dressed to impress in a gorgeous outfit, but it was Bobby who dazzled the audience with his sparkly gold jacket. He certainly looked the part for the glitzy bingo event.
At the event, Bobby showed the audience that he’s more than just a reality TV star. His presenting skills were impeccable and who can resist that infectious smile, bubbly personality and, of course, that sequined gold jacket. At one point, Bobby and Chloe jested with the participants that they better ‘Bin-go Hard or Bin-go Home’ which everyone had a good giggle at. However, there was no messing about and everyone opted to ‘Bin-go Hard’.

It might have just been a night at the bingo but in true Towie fashion drama erupted. You really wouldn’t expect anything less from them. While most of them were getting into the spirit of things and even getting a bit competitive as they were daubing their numbers there was tension between co-stars Lewis Bloor and Michael Hassini. Into the evening, things got really heated as Lewis took Mike aside to confront him about trying to hook up with his ex-girlfriend Nicole Bass. It probably wasn’t the time or the place and it created a bit atmosphere that you could cut with a knife. To make matters worse, Nicole was also at the event with Towie newcomer Kate who was also dealing with man troubles of her own.

To find out the full story of what’s going on you’re going to have to watch the next episode of The Only Way is Essex.

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