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BGO Bingo have a recurring joke concerning their two brand ambassadors, Paris Hilton and Verne Troyer. They each take turns coming up with new bingo promotions to give their players and this week it’s Verne Troyer, The Boss’, turn.

He’s whipped up a month filled with games that have a bit of a twist when it comes to the prizes, as there’s no fixed prize per game. Instead, the prize changes based on which number bingo is called on and as it’s a 90 ball bingo game there are 90 different possible wins. These prizes come in all shapes and sizes from a cupcake maker to an electrical sander, so there are prizes to suit all tastes. If players win a prize they don’t want to take home then they can always take the cash alternative instead, or just pass it on to a relative.

This game takes place once a day in the Fairy Delight room at 9.30pm and they’ll keep going until Christmas Day. The name of the game is the Stocking Filler, so keep your eyes peeled for it when you’re in the bingo lobby. Tickets cost 3p each and can be purchased in advance to make sure you get as many as you want. This game is exclusive to BGO Bingo and can’t be found anywhere else, as it’s the invention of the Boss.

Troyer and Hilton became ambassadors for this brand earlier this year and the site got an overhaul to welcome them. BGO Bingo have been using the pair to add extra comedy to their advertisements and promotions, as they spark off each other. So far this year the duo have been coming up with promotions while the other is away and this has led to a sense of fun and hijinks to the promotional area, which many players appear to enjoy.

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