Win a Family Day Out with Costa Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: January 13th, 2016

If you’re in need of some excitement this month then why not see if you can win a big day out thanks to Costa Bingo. They have a massive jackpot bingo game that will see one player taking their family on a top day out.
This day on the ski slopes will delight kids and their parents alike as it’s a package that contains everything that they need to have a perfect day out. This prize contains a hotel, indoor skiing day, Nandos voucher and even a whole load of spending money. This would make for a wonderful day out that the whole family can enjoy, complete with absolutely everything that you would need for the day and night. The game isn’t too far away now, as it takes place on the 14th of January at 10.30pm but there’s still the opportunity to win free bingo tickets.

The tickets to this game cost £5 each but you can claim them for free by completing Sunny’s challenge. Each time you deposit £20 on the site by midnight tonight you’ll get 5 free bingo tickets to this £1000 jackpot bingo game. It’s a 75 ball bingo game so the winner will be taking it all in this fantastic game from Costa Bingo. If you have diamonds from playing on the site then you can also trade 10 of these for another free bingo ticket.

Players can win and buy up to 96 tickets to this game and this will increase their chances of winning to the max. The more tickets you have in this game the better, especially if you want to get your hands on that jackpot bingo prize. Players can also get involved in this bingo game from overseas but they’ll get the cash alternative instead of the voucher prizes.

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