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Win Penny Bingo Jackpots at Treasure Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: February 9th, 2016

This month at Treasure Bingo they’re teaching their players how to become pirates in a series of bingo games. These penny bingo games are all about making your way up the ladder and they get even better as the month goes on.
These games take place on a Wednesday at 10pm for the remainder of the month and they reward players well for their efforts. This week’s game costs just 1p a ticket and there’s a cash jackpot of £50 to be won. Next week they have the same stakes and jackpot on offer in another 75 ball bingo game. Finally, the week after that, the stakes are raised with 2p tickets for a £100 jackpot to finish off the promotion.

The maximum tickets allowed for each of these games is 96, which means you could find yourself with max tickets for all games for under £4. This will put you in prime position to win one of these cash jackpots and splash out wherever you like. Your cash winnings will be free of wagering requirements, so you can choose to withdraw it or stake it elsewhere on the bingo site.

75 ball bingo is a fun way to play and most online bingo players will be familiar with it. In these games each card is a 5 x 5 grid filled with numbers that players must dab off as they are called. These will usually be marked off in a pattern or with the aim to cover all of the squares, as is the case in this game. This type of game can be faster paced than 90 ball bingo and there is only one winner. In some 75 ball bingo games players are rewarded for having one or two squares left on their card, which is known as 1 to go or 1TG.

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