Wink Bingo Make Big Changes to their Site

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: January 15th, 2016

If you’ve ever won a prize from a bingo site then you’ll know how the process works on most of them. They usually check your details on the record and dispatch them, but this can cause problems for some players.
Sometimes the details on a site aren’t correct and this leads to the prize going to the wrong location. After going back and forth with some bingo sites players may lose out on their prize if it goes to an incorrect address. Wink Bingo have come up with a new system to stop this from happening and it looks like it’s set to be a hit.

If you win on any of their bingo games with a tangible prize, that’s any one in which the prize is something that will be sent out, then you’ll be emailed a code. Players then use this code to redeem their prize in the prize store and enter their details there. The prize is then sent out and there’s no danger of it going awry.

The one thing to remember to do before playing on Wink Bingo now is to check your email address is correct. If it isn’t, or you can’t access it, then your code details won’t be able to be redeemed and you’ll be out of pocket.

This expedited process on the bingo site now means that players are in charge of their own prizes. You’ll instantly know when your prize is ordered and dispatched, thanks to communications through your email account. This saves players a lot of time communicating through the site, as they can simply track their own parcel where available. The Wink Bingo team are working hard to make this transition as easy as possible for their players, so their team is standing by to help out with any queries that players may have with the system.

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