Woman Has Thumb Crushed at Bingo Hall

A 24 year old woman had an unexpected visit from the local firefighters in Chorley last week whilst working at the Gala Bingo hall in the town!

After getting her thumb stuck in an automated coin machine at around 10pm on Monday night, fire crews from Chorley were called to the club to free her.

Rescue attempts were successful and she was then taken to hospital by ambulance.

Neil Mitchell, acting watch manager at Chorley fire station, said: “It looks like she was doing her job and something has gone wrong.

“The ambulance service gave her medical treatment, she was in quite a lot of pain, while the fire service disassembled the machine.”

A spokesman for Gala said the employee has returned to work with a bruised thumb, and the machine was the conveyor system that is connected to the cashier podium. He said something was stuck in the machine and the woman was trying to get it out.

Who knew playing bingo could be so dangerous?! We hope the woman’s thumb makes a full recovery!

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