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Film Bingo

Film Bingo Review

Film Bingo is closed

Film Bingo Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Exclusive Promotions
  3. Helps Film Projects
  4. Overall


Film Bingo is a rather unique site as it acts as a fundraiser for a small film production company – Dogs of Annwn Ltd. Are there any other unique features to the site?

Exclusive Promotions

Film Bingo benefits from being able to offer some exclusive promotions, as well as the standard network ones.

For example, if you like Film Bingo on Facebook you’ll be rewarded generously! This is in the form of cinema gift cards – as and when their social media pages reach ‘milestones’. When the Film Bingo Facebook page reaches 100 likes they’ll put a post on the site and then give away a £50 cinema gift card to one lucky player that comments on that post. When the 250 likes mark is reached there’ll be a £25 gift card given out, followed by another £25 gift card when there are 500 likes. Then for every additional 250 likes, another £25 gift card will be given away.

Film Bingo offers another unique promotion monthly. At the current time of writing this review, this was called Slay the Dragon. To celebrate the month that sees St George’s Day, the top prize was related to your home (your castle!) The prize offered in the big game was a 3 seater garden patio swing seat chair hammock.

As their special game is exclusive to the site, your chances of winning any prizes is increased significantly when compared to your chances in games shared across other sites and networks.

Helps Film Projects

Film Bingo puts its profits towards film production projects – certainly a unique feature for a bingo site! So if you love films, you can enjoy playing bingo whilst knowing you’re helping film companies being able to keep producing and releasing new films for your viewing pleasure!

They describe themselves as such: “It’s like a miniature version of National Lottery Funding and Kickstarter rolled onto one, with added balls. Bingo balls, that is.”

Novelty is certainly a way to get a bingo site more attention, and a novelty that benefits both the player, the site, and the project they’re associated with is always something worthy of note.


We do like Film Bingo, and not just for its quirky connection to a small UK film production company, helping to fund its projects. The fact it offers some exclusive promotions in addition to the standard network promotions is a huge bonus.

Harrison Score
Last update
07 Apr 2020
Harrison Score
Film Bingo
Film Bingo is closed
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