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Rehab Bingo

Rehab Bingo Review

Rehab Bingo is closed

Rehab Bingo Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Good Daily Jackpots
  3. Standalone and Network Bingo Rooms
  4. Overall


Rehab Bingo is a Microgaming site with a reputation build on years in the industry. It’s linked to Ireland’s largest charity – Rehab. Its credentials look great, but does Rehab Bingo need Rehab itself?

Good Daily Jackpots

You can win some nice cash amounts every day at Rehab Bingo.

It is quite common for games to give away £50 prize pots several times a day – including the Penny Pushers game, which is good for value for money when you bear in mind tickets cost 1p.

On Wednesdays and Fridays you can get your hands on jackpots of £500 both nights with the game ‘Jackpot Got 2 Go Go Go’. Originally named ‘Jackpot Got2Go’ and played as one big game on Thursday nights, now you get the chance to try and win two mini jackpots.

The Multiplier games offer a good deal too. In these games if you get full house with any double digit number, Rehab Bingo will double the advertised payout.

Over the weekend days there are some good amounts up for grabs too. With the Weekend Triple promotion, each game on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays has a jackpot that starts at £100, which then increases every hour – until the final £500 jackpot is reached.

Standalone and Network Bingo Rooms

Being on the Microgaming network means Rehab Bingo shares its room with a few other Microgaming sites such as Butlers Bingo – so there is increased competition for prizes in this respect. Of course the benefit of this is that the cash prizes you are competing for are usually much larger than normal.

What Rehab Bingo does have in its favour, is standalone bingo rooms – these are exclusive to Rehab Bingo players.

The Sweets and Treats room is a free bingo room for depositing players. When you first deposit, and every time you deposit, you get access to this room for 7 days. There are regular £5 jackpots available.


In general, Rehab Bingo is a site you go to in order to have fun and help charity – not necessarily the place for massive jackpot wins. If this is your aim when you visit online bingo sites, then you’ll be happy at Rehab Bingo.

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Last update
06 Apr 2020
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Rehab Bingo
Rehab Bingo is closed
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