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The Best London Bingo Nights
Harrison Score
Harrison Score

The Best London Bingo Nights

Do you love playing bingo both online and in clubs? Maybe you’re looking for something a little bit different, as well as a good night out? We bet you didn’t know that London is a paradise for themed bingo nights!

Here is our list of 4 different bingo nights happening in old London town!

Musical Bingomusical bingo night

This is a truly innovative and unique experience! Instead of numbers being shouted out, songs are played.

Each round has a different theme of song choices – these could be based on a genre, decade or just something completely random.

Unique cards are handed out whilst one of the compères introduces the rules and the prizes. Then the DJ’s (quirkily named Rapture, Stocky and Johnny Unknown!) play a quick fire selection of songs, while players mark them off their bingo cards.

There are of course lots of prizes up for grabs, but most exciting of all is the ‘multi choice mystery boxes’ feature – your chance to gamble your grand prize (full house) winnings on the ‘Killer Question’!

We think if you’re a lover of karaoke or the X-Factor then you’ll be a fan of this bingo night!


Rebel Bingo

rebel bingo

Rebel Bingo is like a shot of caffeine straight to your system!

They say: “We used to throw parties in an old church hall in London. One night we found a bingo kit stored down in the basement. We started messing around with it and accidentally invented a new, mutant form of bingo. We knew it was wrong, but it felt good. We called it Rebel Bingo.”

Essentially it’s one big and loud party… there’s DJs, dancing and shouting out numbers – and no rules!

So if you want a bingo experience that is the furthest thing from the traditional game played in a dusty village hall, then Rebel Bingo sounds like it will fit your bill!


The Big Bingo Showbig bingo show

The Big Bingo Show is held on Monday nights at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and this event is crazily chaotic!

Your host Timberlina presents this bingo night with a difference, along with DJ Hey Baylen. It’s a fusion of bingo, cabaret and just general mayhem – with a side order of cocktails and musical sing-alongs.

The nights also feature special guests such as a Cher doll (er, random?) and of course, lots of prizes!

If a glamorous bearded drag lady presenting your bingo sounds like the perfect host, then you’ll love The Big Bingo Show!

Even more so if you love the tag line: “Bingo in a pub…with balls!!!”


Bogan Bingo bogan bingo

First off, if you don’t know what a bogan is, then let us explain! A bogan is basically an Australian chav… or the equivalent of American trailer trash… kind of like a country hick crossed with a stereotypical UK ‘lad’! Or all of the aforementioned combined… well, you get the idea!

Also hosted by a comedy duo, this bingo night isn’t short on big hair (maybe a few mullets) or the 80’s in general.Throw in some terrible dancing, 80’s anthems and air guitar competitions along with your bingo, and you have Bogan Bingo!

If a comedy bingo gameshow waltzes your Matildas (sorry…), then you know there’ll be a couple of bogans ready to welcome you to their beer swilling, rock n roll loving world!


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