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    1-90 Online Bingo Caller

    WDW Bingo’s new online 1-90 bingo caller is state of the art. With its modern, aesthetic design and hilarious bingo phrases called by real humans, you won’t find a tool as natural and as smooth.

    Plus, we’ve teamed up with our sister site, BNBS, which has a bingo card generator tool. That means you can play a full game of bingo with your friends and family with our caller and their cards!

    No other online bingo caller machine is built to the same high standard as ours. With its beautiful layout and simple functionality, you won’t miss a call. Don’t get fooled by other websites with their ugly designs and automated robot voice calls.

    We have a Southern Belle making not safe for work calls, or a perfectly polite Welshman keeping it PC (number 49!) for all the family.

    Our bingo caller generator is incredibly easy to use but we’ve popped a short guide below so you can get the best out of it.

    How to use our Bingo Number Caller

    Our 1-90 ball bingo caller is the easiest to use online. Here, we give you some pointers to have the best possible experience.


    There are 90 numbers, arranged in 5 rows of 18, with B-I-N-G-O heading each row. When a number is called it appears in the large showcase area at the bottom. This is accompanied by a call from one of our distinguished and hilarious bingo callers.

    Once the player clicks Next, the old number will move to the receptacle to the left for historical calls, and a new number will appear in the middle.

    Once a number has been called during a game, it will turn white in the main body of the caller. This signifies that the number won’t be called again until a new game beings.

    Players simply keep clicking next until the game is finished. To start a new game, just click Reset. You may get another prompt from your internet browser to confirm you want to refresh.

    For automated bingo calls, click Auto and the game will continue without you having to continually ask for new numbers. You can adjust the time between these calls, but more about that in the Settings section below.


    The real magic happens in the settings section, where players can customise their game and have some fun!

    First, you can adjust the Autoplay speed with 1 being the fastest and 10 being the slowest. They do say a quick game is a good game, but equally feel free to take your time. A slow game is a more relaxed game!

    The Voice section allows you to choose your bingo caller. We hired real actors to read out our fabulous bingo calls for a proper organic bingo experience. On most competitor tools, you’re likely to have an automated robot voice or worse, no call at all! This is certainly the best online bingo caller with voice out there!

    In all, there are 12 variations of bingo callers. We have four different sets of voices who can do three sets of calls each. The four voice options are Female, Male, Southern Drawl and Welsh; and they’re all fantastic.

    The three sets of bingo calls are regular bingo calls, funny bingo calls and just the numbers (with a little flair). The regular bingo calls are pretty traditional and many will be instantly recognisable to seasoned bingo players. The funny bingo calls were dreamed up or researched by our resident humourist Dale; let’s face it, most of these are NSFW (not safe for work!)

    At the bottom of this guide, we’ll list the bingo calls for your perusal if you don’t want to be surprised. We also explore the history and context and some of our favourite funny and naughty calls.


    We also have plenty of chime selections which signify a number is about to be called. With 8 chimes and 2 pops, you’re sure to find the right “Ding” for you. Or if there’s no ding required, simply uncheck the audible chime box.

    Finally, in the settings section, there’s a checkbox for Manual Calling Mode. By checking that, you can silence the bingo call voices. So if a quiet game is a good game for you, then check away, although we don’t recommend it!

    See More

    There’s not much more to see but by clicking the See More button at the bottom left of the caller (as you look at it), this simply expands the historical ball calls section. This will give you a longer look at what balls have been called already.

    3 Full Sets of Bingo Calls

    Apart from a classic Numbers-only calling setting, we have two further amazing options. These are traditional calls said with plenty of feeling, or funny calls which are a little saucier. We’ve listed all the traditional calls below, as well as funny calls that we’ve swapped in.

    Then, Dale will dive a little bit deeper with an exploration of some of our favourites from these funny bingo calls. We’ll look at the history and the cultural context of the most explosive and rib-tickling rhymes, most of which you can hear in action when you play with our very own bingo caller!

    Traditional Bingo Calls

    1 – Kelly’s Eye
    2 – One little Duck
    3 – Cup of Tea
    4 – Knock at the Door
    5 – Man Alive
    6 – Half a Dozen
    7 – Lucky 7
    8 – Garden Gate
    9 – Brighton Line
    10 – Prime Minister’s Den
    11 – Legs Eleven
    12 – 1 Dozen
    13 – Unlucky for Some
    14 – Valentine’s Day
    15 – Groovy Scene
    16 – Sweet Sixteen
    17 – Dancing Queen
    18 – Vampire’s Dream
    19 – Goodbye teens
    20 – 1 Score
    21 – Royal Salute
    22 – Two Little Ducks
    23 – Thee and Me
    24 – Two Dozen
    25 – Duck and Dive
    26 – Pick ‘n’ Mix
    27 – Gateway to Heaven
    28 – In a state
    29 – Rise and Shine
    30 – Dirty Girty
    31 – Get up and run
    32 – Buckle my Shoe
    33 – Dirty knee
    34 – Ask for More
    35 – Jump and Jive
    36 – Three Dozen
    37 – More Than
    38 – Christmas Cake
    39 – How many steps
    40 – Naughty Forty
    41 – Time for fun
    42 – Winnie the Pooh
    43 – Down on your Knees
    44 – Droopy Draws
    45 – Half Way There
    46 – Up to Tricks
    47 – Four and Seven
    48 – Four Dozen
    49 – PC
    50 – Bullseye
    51 – Tweak of the Thumb
    52 – Chicken Vindaloo
    53 – Stuck in the tree
    54 – Man at the door
    55 – All the fives
    56 – Shot’s Bus
    57 – Heinz Varieties
    58 – Make them wait
    59 – Brighton Line
    60 – Five Dozen
    61 – Baker’s Bun
    62 -Turn the screw
    63 – Tickle Me
    64 – Red Raw
    65 – Old Age Pension
    66 – Clickety Click
    67 – Stairway to Heaven
    68 – Pick em eight
    69 – Any way up
    70 – Three score and ten
    71 – Bang on the drum
    72 – Danny La Rue
    73 – Queen Bee
    74 – Hit the Floor
    75 – Strive and Strive
    76 – Trombones
    77 – Sunset Strip
    78 – Heaven’s Gate
    79 – One more Time
    80 – Eight and blank
    81 – Stop and Run
    82 – Straight on Through
    83 – Time for Tea
    84 – Give me more
    85 – Staying Alive
    86 – Between the sticks
    87 – Torquay in Devon
    88 – Two Fat Ladies
    89 – Nearly There
    90 – Top of the shop

    New Funny/NSFW Calls

    2 – Open a Window
    4 – Done Before
    5 – Man Alive
    6 – Tom Mix
    8 – Hello Sexy Kate
    9 – Get an uber from mine
    15 – Young and Keen
    18 – Coming of Age
    19 – Keep ‘em Keen
    20 – Getting Plenty
    21 – Adult Fun
    23 – Hurts to Pee
    24 – Did you score?
    28 – Overweight
    30 – Fit and flirty
    31 – Man Bun
    37 – One night in Heaven
    39 – Bikini Line
    41 – I’ve done your Mum
    42 – Let’s be havin’ you
    44 – On all fours
    50 – Half a Century
    54 – Granny’s draws
    55 – Snake’s Alive
    56 – Was she worth it?
    60 – Grandma’s getting frisky
    66 – Kinky tricks
    68 – Late for my Tinder date
    69 – Your place or mine
    71 – JLo’s Bum
    72 – 6 dozen
    74 – Roll on the floor
    75 – Big Daddy
    78 – Let’s Procreate
    79 – Your place or mine
    80 – Gandhi’s Breakfast
    81 – Fat lady with a walking stick
    83 – Stop Farting
    84 – Sneak out the back door
    89 – Almost There
    90 – End of the line

    Download Bingo Cards at Best New Bingo Sites to play along!

    Funny Bingo Calls – An Exploration

    By Dale Shelabarger

    The bingo call is an essential element of the bricks-and-mortar game, that has its origins in the golden age of the 1950s. A time when words were, you know, just words. Indeed, many traditional bingo calls are now staples of British bingo subculture, among them Kelly’s Eye and Man Alive.

    But there are fruitier phrases that have been retired by a lot of land-based clubs to avoid causing offence (the great terror of our times). While most replacements tend to be fairly innocuous, a few establishments have attempted to ‘get down with the kids’ by introducing some appalling updates.

    We’ll now take a look at some of these atrocities, together with intentionally funny bingo calls from times past that have so far escaped censorship. We’ve also thrown in a few of the racier phrases purely for the sake of mischief. Here’s our top twenty in no particular order. Fear not! You’ll be fine.

    Number 30 – Dirty Gertie

    Dirty Gertie is named after a 1914 bronze statue, La Délivrance that commemorates the First Battle of the Marne in World War I. Located in Finchley, it depicts a naked female standing on tip-toes, her face looking skyward with both arms aloft. Due to corrosion and probably because the figure is nude, residents began referring to her as ‘Dirty Gertie’ in the 1920s. A full-scale restoration eventually put paid to this unfortunate moniker among locals. But thanks to a World War II song, ‘Dirty Gertie from Bizerte’, the phrase lives on as a rude bingo call. Incidentally, the statue still stands and is yet to be vandalised.

    Number 71 – J. Lo’s Bum

    Joe Pesci once asked, Funny how? Well, we’re not sure in respect of this one. As far as rude bingo calls go there’s plenty worse. But we thought we’d throw it in to make up the numbers as it were. And in keeping with a lot of modern bingo calls, allusion is scattered to the four winds in favour of literalism as Jennifer Lopez’ rump becomes the focal point for reasons unknown. She’s certainly dated a few arses in her time, anyway.

    Number 69 – ‘Your Place or Mine’

    ‘Either way up’ and ‘any way up’ were originally used for the 69 call. Both make innocent reference to the way in which number six becomes number nine turned upside down and vice versa. Predictably, the number arouses considerable merriment among younger patrons, especially when ‘your place or mine’ is thrown in. And it rhymes! Something that can’t be said of Mecca’s tragic interpretation: “Number 69 – Netflix and Chill”. Now THAT’s a funny bingo call but for all the wrong reasons.

    Number 24 – ‘Pompey’s Whore’

    Subtlety and nuance have forsaken popular culture, not that they always figured prominently in the old days you understand. Take ‘Pompey’s Whore’ for instance – a decidedly rude bingo call once used by ex-serviceman to describe Portsmouth’s women of the night. Needless to say, it’s long since been replaced with the safely innocuous, ‘Two Dozen’ and more lately, ‘Lads on Tour’.

    Number 11 – ‘Legs Eleven’

    Legs eleven refers of course to the number 11’s resemblance to a pair of legs – in and of itself not a very rude bingo call truth-be-told. But as tradition once dictated, when the call was announced baying OAP audiences were expected to respond with wolf whistles. As we all know, forcing breath between partly closed lips to create a rising and falling pitch is now frowned upon, regardless of context. Enter stage left, Gerard Merry.

    In a hold my beer moment back in 2014, Merry decided to uphold the aforementioned tradition. During a bingo night at his local club, he duly wolf-whistled when number 11 was called out. This prompted the staff to call in the police who then frog-marched Mr Merry off the premises. For good measure, the club then banned him for life.

    Number 11 – ‘Eyes on Fleek’

    These days, Number 11 is ‘Eyebrows on Fleek’. This is the creation of one Peaches Monroee [sic] – a girl who uploaded a selfie and used the phrase to describe her well-manicured eyebrows. Much online hilarity ensued and the term was eventually enshrined as a bingo call. Genius…

    Number 88 – ‘Two Body Positive Ladies’

    Dabbers Social Bingo decided to replace ‘Two Fat Ladies 88’ with this abomination, either as part of a noble effort to address issues surrounding body image, or as part of a virtue signalling manoeuvre aimed purely at outflanking the keypad warriors. Or perhaps they just wanted to attract millennial trendies and make loads of money. Whatever the case may be, the phrase doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. In our book, this makes it a ‘so bad it’s actually funny bingo call’. Other clubs, intent on offering guilt-free bingo, have opted for snappier alternatives such as ‘Wills and Kate 88’.

    Number 42 – Let’s Be Havin’ You

    This call refers to culinary icon-cum-Norwich City owner, Delia Smith and her inebriated pitch invasion of 2005 – an epochal moment in British sport if ever there was one. During the half-time interval of a Premier League match, a tired and emotional Mrs Smith staggered onto the field in high heel, ominously wielding a microphone. Tottering in front of the dugouts, our Delia then beseeched Norwich fans to redouble their support by bellowing said phrase, along with a slurred string of footballing banalities. In a ‘what on earth am I doing’ moment, she then handed the microphone to the cameraman and beat a hasty retreat. If you’ve never looked at something through the cracks between your fingers, we suggest you watch the video.

    Number 44 – ‘On all Fours’

    The effectiveness of innuendo depends entirely on the sheer filthiness of your mind. For instance, ‘On all fours’ could refer to a game of twister, a yoga position or maybe even potholing. It could also be an instructional comment about fixing a leaking kitchen tap. After all, there’s only one suitable posture for accessing the shut-off valve under your sink. And the Karate Kid crane stance ain’t it.

    Lots of room for interpretation then – think this would be enough to suppress the sniggers of your modern bingo player? You must be joking. Before we get on our high horse, we should add that ‘Aldershot Whores’ was once used for Number 44.

    Number 38 – Avocado on a Plate

    “Ah, city folk”, sighed an exasperated Jack Palance in classic 80s movie, City Slickers. In our present context this refers to young, health-conscious metropolitans who frequent places like Shoreditch. For most over-40s brought up on pie, mash and Woodbines, this really isn’t a fun group – more like a convention of morticians, actually. As far as us oldies are concerned, this frightful bingo call should therefore remain in modern clubs such as Dabbers – an establishment that serves salted edamame to the kind of patrons who’ll probably live well into their old age.

    Number 83 – Gluten Free

    Gluten free is a bingo call? Alas, yes. In addition to being a watchword for people with an intolerance to wheat proteins, not to mention those with an intolerance to being unfashionable, poor old ‘83’ has been lumbered with this wearisome phrase.

    Number 2 – Open a Window

    One particularly bawdy establishment opted for ‘open a window’ to accompany its number 2 call. Oh the hilarity. Without wishing to be too indelicate, most of us secretly know that ‘number two’ refers to a bodily function that can emit a striking odour (usually after eating salted edamame). In turn, this often compels one to open said wall aperture with great haste. We’d hazard a guess that such a call probably didn’t emanate from a Dabber’s Social Bingo chapter. Nah, this has got Bongo’s Bingo smeared all over it…

    Number 44 – Droopy Drawers

    A good old fashioned rhyming bingo call that makes reference to sagging underwear – fairly innocent by today’s standards.

    Number 5 – Man Alive

    Man alive has actually slipped into the British vernacular and is now commonly used as an interjection to convey surprise. Legend has it that the phrase was first used by sailors to alert their crew-mates after sighting a castaway.

    Number 10 – ‘Stick Your Tongue up a Hen’

    This most definitely belongs on a list of rude bingo calls as opposed to funny bingo calls. According to reliable online sources (we’ve checked, believe us) it does actually exist. Having said that, there’s scant information about the call’s origins, or for that matter the actual bingo premises in which it’s been used.

    Number 60 – Grandma’s Getting Frisky

    A lot of old bingo calls were the result of actual abstract thought, in sharp contrast to many of today’s garbage revisions. ‘Frisky’ rhymes with number 60 and was once the state pension age for women, hence why ‘grandma’ is the subject matter. Should this be considered a rude bingo call? Uh, if you like?

    Number 9 – Selfie Time

    Everybody’s a narcissist these days, apart from you and me of course. For those of you who hail from the Zeta Reticuli star system or some other far-flung galaxy, a ‘selfie’ describes the act of taking a picture of yourself with a smart-phone. The photo can then be posted on a social media platform for the instant gratification of one’s ego. Made famous by TV talk-show psychopath, Ellen Degeneres, the selfie is about as era-defining as you can get.

    Number 81 – Fat Lady with a Walking Stick

    In the very old days, we had marauding lynch mobs with flaming torches. Today we’ve got the Twitterati with smart phones. It’s therefore hard to understand just why this funny bingo call is still permitted. Surely it’s wrong-think? Apparently not, because the phrase is still widely used at plenty of venues – we’re unsure just how long this one is going to hold out though.

    Number 43 – ‘Down on Your Knee’

    Popularised during WW2 by British soldiers, this ‘rude’ bingo call has taken on a rather different meaning since thanks to the word ‘knee’ being pluralised.

    If there are any funny bingo calls you think we’ve missed, please get in touch and jolly well tell us! Head to our Contact Us page and send us a message today.


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