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Top 7 Mags for Bingo Fans
Harrison Score
Harrison Score

Top 7 Mags for Bingo Fans

All the best online bingo games come with fun chat rooms and good gossip, shared highs when you win and even the shared comfort when you lose. We at WDW have made it our mission to track down the very best magazines, online and in print, which offer that same fun, community feeling. So, in no particular order:

Female FirstFemale First website

The greatest thing about this online mag is its active community. There’s lots of natter, gossip and advice going on between users all the time, just like the chat rooms in bingo. Plus, you can read some silly forum banter in the ‘Stupid Zone’, such as that age old question ‘Food or Sex?’ Now that’s something to grab your interest!

Plus, you have to appreciate the site’s wide variety, with a category for just about everything. From hard hitting news, to ‘Love and Sex’, all interests are covered. These categories are also surprisingly easy to navigate through when considering the website’s large size. Its design is sleek and professional design, making all the featured articles incredibly clear; it’s impossible to get lost, even if you happen to be hopeless with computers.

RevealReveal Magazine

Reveal, as the name suggests, deals with revealing the latest in celeb gossip. From UK soaps to red carpet divas, they always seems to have the scoop. Check out some of the most up-to-date articles seen in the magazine world. It’s not all Hollywood and TOWIE though, Reveal also covers some great real life stories. Dealing with everything from domestic abuse to illness miracles, it’s hard to find a magazine more dramatic. Plus, all the hunky bloke pictures don’t hurt either.

However, we have to say our favourite part of the Reveal website is its debate section, where they offer up topics for readers to bat back and forth. For example, “Would you return an engagement ring?” Ouch, that one could get pretty heated. Of course, be careful things don’t turn too ugly, or you risk getting kicked out!

GlamourGlamour Magazine

Another magazine with a name that really suits; Glamour is all about girly, glitzy glamour, including make-up guides, fashion choices, hair and beauty. There is even a giant banner across the homepage filled with pictures of shoes! Shoes! Other gallery pages include classic features like ‘Who wore it better?’

Glamour even has specific sections which sort celeb gossip by name, so you can track the movements of your favourite star. This includes big names like Taylor Swift and Rita Ora. Not to mention, the left side of the screen is filled with latest posts, insuring you get the most up-to-date dish of drama possible. Opinion articles are included too, allowing the Glamour editors to be as catty or cuddly with their celeb subjects as they like!

Woman MagazineWoman Magazine

Woman magazine is slightly more health conscious then the rest of the top seven, with sections like ‘Diet and Health’ and ‘5:2 Diet’. The mag also includes an elegant section on ‘Weddings’, filled with frilly cakes and glittering petticoats. It’s safe to say Woman Magazine is the high end, luxury life option for bingo players to enjoy. Woman’s magazine even includes digital versions to be downloaded to a PC or smart phone at the subscriber’s convenience, letting you keep a permanent copy on you wherever you may be.

Now you may be thinking; Where’s the gossip? Where’s the fun? Well hold your horses, bingo fans; we haven’t gotten to the best part. Woman’s magazine also features its own bingo section, with £10 million paid out in free games! Simply go to the ‘Win’ tab, and maybe pick yourself up some ASOS vouchers or Palmer’s goodies in Woman’s prize draw while you’re there!

Pick Me Up!Pick Me Up! Magazine

Do you fancy some easy reading, for a cheap as chips price? Then you’ll want Pick Me Up!, the magazine infamous for its “Rip-Roaring Real Life” stories. It’s now also available for instant download to your tablet or mobile, offering the first five issues free with a 30-day digital magazine trial. Created mainly for commuters, Pick Me Up! is a brilliant 70p bargain for otherwise tedious journeys.

There are plenty of chances to get involved with the magazine; you could send in your own real life story to be published or contribute helpful life cheats to their ‘Tips’ page. Plus, like in Woman’s magazine, you can get into their bingo games on site! Start off with the raunchy challenge to ‘Strip Bingo Bobby’, snatching his trousers away with your mouse, to earn £5 of free play.

Best Best Magazine

Colourful, neat and easy to navigate, Best has a fantastic website design. Their news is extremely current, with a story already appearing on how to save in advance for Christmas! Entertainment also runs with the times, as shown by the Goggle Box based competition on their homepage, ready to hype up fans for the show’s upcoming new season.

For a lifestyle magazine, Best features some unusual, un-girly subjects, like a ‘How To’ guide for some thrifty DIY tips & a Best Deals section for cutting back on spending cash.  It also includes a much more thorough baking section then most magazines, so if you’re into your food over your diets, Best is definitely the way to go. They’ve even got a ‘Games’ tab, with lots of the computer classics to cure boredom, but we’re sad to say they lose points for no bingo. Our favourite part of this site though, has to be that it tells you the date in big letters, impossible to miss, in the right hand corner. If like us, you’re the type of person to forget what day of the week it is, never mind the whole date, then Best is a lifesaver.

CloserCloser Magazine

Similar to other Bauer brands, Closer focuses on the latest trends in the tabloid world. Heck, they even have a helpful ‘Trending’ list, making your search for what’s hot and who’s not even easier. With lots of celebrity interviews, photographs and even a reel of Tweets/Facebook posts, it’s hard to know where to look first. We suggest the bingo section, because yes, Closer has some fantastic games and prizes up for grabs.

What makes Closer most exciting though, is their heavy handed drama, with all the craziest updates from TOWIE, Made In Chelsea, Hollyoaks and much more. Be careful, this drama doesn’t just stick to TV screens, as we can see from hard-hitting headlines like “Dad killed and chopped up daughter, 12, because she wasn’t doing well at school.” Yikes, we think we feel a bit sick…but at the same time we really want to read more. Closer has got us good.

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