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Mecca's Bizarre Advert for £1 Million Bingo Prize Draw
Harrison Score
Harrison Score

Mecca's Bizarre Advert for £1 Million Bingo Prize Draw

Mecca clearly know how to grab the attention of a bingo loving lady like you!

You might already have seen their latest TV advert for the £1 Million Bingo Giveaway, so you’ll know what we’re talking about when we say it is pretty surreal!

For the benefit of those who haven’t had the pleasure of viewing this piece of TV oddity, let us briefly describe the advert (then have a look at a still from the video below!)

mecca darren tortoise

To start, the lady doctor (now familiar to those who’ve watched Mecca adverts before) enters what appears to be a laboratory and tells us that she knows bingo players love hot men, cute animals and brilliant offers.

The scene then moves to a garden where three topless men are cuddling tortoises. We see a close-up of one of the tortoises being stroked as he’s talking about the offer Mecca Bingo currently have – the £1 Million Giveaway.

He then asks Darren (the ‘hot’ man) to “hold him like he means it”.

Very very odd!

But all the same strangely appealing (….for the cute animals or hot men?)

We’ll let you decide!

If you can tear yourself away from watching the advert long enough, then head to Mecca Bingo now to get involved in the chance to win £1 Million!

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