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Plumber £10K Bingo Loser Launches Petition
Harrison Score
Harrison Score

Plumber £10K Bingo Loser Launches Petition

Last week we brought you the story of Ronald Price, the plumber from Walpole St Andrew in Norfolk who missed out on a £10K bingo prize when the club manager failed to stop the game after Ron shouted out his win.

The story ended with Ron and his wife Denise being bitterly disappointed and angry over the situation – which the club claims was not down to their error and there was nothing they could do.

Well, since then there have been further developments!

Since the Prices made their plight public, support has been pouring in for the couple.

Ron and Denise have now also become a regular sight at Winners Bingo in Wisbech, as they’ve taken to standing outside the club to gather signatures on a petition to demand they are giving the money they believe Ron is entitled to.

Denise reiterated their stance on the situation the week previous: “In my view the manager was too busy chatting to stop the game. We lost out on our winnings because of it.”

In one evening 28 people signed their petition – with all but two saying they clearly heard Mr Price call out his winning line.

A local woman, Joan Ardener, was so moved by the whole episode that she handed in her membership card and has refused to go back to Winners Bingo until the problem is resolved.

Denise continues detailing events post-event: “The support we have been getting is marvellous and overwhelming. I have sent a letter to Mr Waterman at Thetford Winners Bingo and a letter to the Gambling Commission advising them both all that has happened.

“I have had no response yet. I have given the opportunity for this situation to be rectified and stated that if the situation is not rectified and they still refuse to pay Mr Price, then proceedings will begin with our solicitor. I have requested they confirm in writing to us with their decision.”

Winners Bingo have responded again to the complaint, with a spokesman saying: “We wish to clarify the position with regard to the ‘claim’. The company has written to the customer summarising the complaints and dispute procedure according to the Gambling Commission Rules. It has also received a number of letters of support from other customers.”

“Winners Bingo reiterates that the rules of bingo clearly state that any player must unequivocally stop the caller and that the caller’s decision is final. The Wisbech Club manager announced immediately before the disputed game that players must ensure that ‘any claims are loud and clear’.

“We are unable to comment any further at this time.”

So, what will unfold next in what is turning into quite the saga? WDW will wait with baited bingo breath!

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