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Bare-faced Cheek Bingo!
Harrison Score
Harrison Score

Bare-faced Cheek Bingo!

Now we like to bring you news from our UK shores, but this story broke from Australia and it made us wonder how we Brits (with notoriously stiff upper lips!) here would react!

Thomastown, a suburb of Melbourne in Australia has become a little more famous lately due to some rather naughty antics!

The bingo hall there is being investigated after it booked strippers to a recent bingo session.

They were holding a special X-rated Hen’s and Buck’s fun night, where a group called Men in Action took their clothes off for female players and The Ladies performed for the men.

More than 600 women turned up to the event to try and win a $10,000 prize, in what was described as “one of the most popular bingo nights in years.”

Whittlesea Council however, were not so impressed; they have since ordered an investigation into the fun night.

Council planning spokesman Murray Ness said a planning permit was issued in April 2012 for the premises to be used as a bingo centre.

“There is no permission for ‘strip shows’ or similar, within the scope of the permit, and no such activities were contemplated in the application for the permit.”

Thomastown Bingo Centre managing director Doug Wilmot was bemused the event had attracted so much attention.

He said that patrons had requested the event: “All that were there wanted to be there. Nobody’s twisted anybody’s arm.”

Posting on its Facebook page, the bingo centre apologised for not posting any pictures from the night. “It was fun – too bad we can’t show any photos.”

Customers were divided.

Carol Ann Potts posted: “Thank you TBC for an enjoyable night last night…will come to more of your fun nights when you have them.”

Other deleted posts slammed it as “tacky”.

Andrew Marigliani, of Men in Action, said it was the first time the group had been booked at a bingo centre.

We wonder if this is a one-off occurrence, or perhaps the beginning of a growing trend, due to its popularity in this Aussie town?

One thing’s for sure, it’d definitely spice up our bingo halls here!

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