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10 Signs that you're an Online Bingo Lover
Harrison Score
Harrison Score

10 Signs that you're an Online Bingo Lover

Are you a bingo lover? If you meet any of the criteria on our list, you just might be…

1.  You only play bingo on days that end in a ‘Y’.

2. You make sure you’re always home in time for your favourite weekly bingo promotions.

10 signs you're a bingo addict yes

3. Whenever someone mentions Frozen, your mind goes to Frozen Bingo instead of the film.

4. You’ve visited the bingo sites of The Sun and The Mirror more than the news sites themselves.

newspaper signs you're a bingo addict

5. Everyday you surf the web to check out bingo review sites like WDW Bingo and find the best and newest bingo sites.

bingo addict gifs

6. Sometimes you find yourself using bingo chatroom slang in texts and emails without realising.

nph bingo addict

7. You’ve never met anyone from your favourite bingo site’s chatroom, but the other players feel like a second family to you.

friends bingo addict

8. You set reminders in your phone so you don’t miss the biggest jackpots on your favourite bingo sites.

jackpots bingo addict

9. You spend a lot of time trying to work out if that bingo promotion is really as good as it sounds.

10. You play bingo on your mobile, your tablet, your laptop – anywhere works as long as you can play!

10 signs you're an online bingo addict


Play responsibly and know your limits. If you feel that your gambling habit is becoming uncontrollable and is negatively affecting your finances and/or mental health, make sure you reach out for help in combating your addiction. Visit Be Gamble Aware for more information.

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