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Top 10 Crazy Good Luck Charms
Harrison Score
Harrison Score

Top 10 Crazy Good Luck Charms

Humanity has always looked to higher powers for luck. Bingo and Slots are, of course, games of chance with built in probabilities (see Is Online Bingo Fixed?). That hasn’t stopped us amassing thousands of years of superstitions to aid us in our quest for good fortune. Here are some of the quirky and sometimes downright bizarre items our ancestors accrued to bestow themselves with good juju.

Cinnamon Sticks

Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you do the cinnamon challenge! Apparently, just keeping a stick of cinnamon in your purse or wallet can bring you good fortune. Luck has never smelt so Christmassy!


We don’t mean a sprinkling of spice, all things nice, etc. We mean a whole hollowed out nutmeg, filled with quicksilver (liquid elemental mercury). This charm was used back in the day to attract good luck in all matters related to money. We have since discovered that mercury can be pretty poisonous, so please just stick to a whole, unfilled nutmeg, okay?

Magic Square

Magic Square

Magic squares date all the way back to when we were first discovering our numbers. It consists of a grid of digits that add up to the same total whether counted vertically, horizontally or diagonally. We know what you’re thinking – no we don’t mean a Sudoku game! Supposedly, holding the magic square while you play can bring forth the cards you need. Be careful, that dealers don’t think you’ve got some kind of cheat sheet, though!

Badger Tooth

We’re getting a bit pagan with this next charm. Wearing the tooth of a badger on the left side of your body (the side of your heart) brings good luck. The same thing is said about alligator teeth in Africa. We know it’s weird, but just be glad you’re trying to win money and not trying to get pregnant, otherwise we would recommend a raccoon penis bone. Yes, we said penis bone; otherwise known as a baculum, they bring good luck in fertility.

Chinese Coins

Chinese Coins

Ever thought about trying out feng shui? Here’s your chance. Chinese coins in feng shui are used as a protection and good luck cure. For this reason, they’ve been incorporated not only into ornaments for Chinese homes, but into a lot of jewellery designs as well, particularly necklaces and pendants.


Money Spider

Creepy crawlies aren’t all bad. You see, spiders are actually supposed to signify good luck in ‘matters of trade.’ In fact, one type of spider is known as the ‘Money Spider’ to most of Britain, recognisable by its small size of just 2mm. Popular superstitions associate these spiders with wealth so much that a lot of people are reluctant to kill them.

Red Hair

Do we have any ginger haired readers at the moment? If so, you’ll be proud to learn that rubbing the head of a person with red hair is said to be good luck. Unfortunately, redheads themselves are also said to be terrible luck on certain specific occasions, especially according to the proverb “meet[ing] a redhead on the first morning in May.”

Our favourite redhead in the bingo world is the Leprechaun.

Money Plant

A money plant is kept indoors and is supposed to bring wealth to your house, hence the name – quite obvious really. Check for an itchy palm after you set it up; that’s the sign that money is almost within your reach.


A lot of psychic practitioners believe crystals have energy that can influence the flow of your life, including situations related to money. Good crystals for a gambler’s wealth include aventurine, the stone of chance and luck. Also, keep handy a bit of Tiger’s Eye, the stone of financial prosperity and protection.

Gambler’s Amulet

By far the ultimate gambling companion is the Gambler’s Amulet. Though it looks beautiful, it can be expensive.

For more information on bingo good luck charms, be sure to check out Howstuffworks.com!

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