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Bristol Locals Divided on Bingo Hall Supermarket Plans
Harrison Score
Harrison Score

Bristol Locals Divided on Bingo Hall Supermarket Plans

The owners of Buzz Bingo in the Fishponds suburbs of Bristol have submitted a controversial application to turn their site into a large supermarket or retail park.

The bingo hall is currently closed due to Coronavirus restrictions, and the consultant that put together the application has said that the “entertainment economic market is subject to significant uncertainty.”

The application shows the company is nervous about the ongoing effects of the pandemic, especially on the hospitality industry which has seen most places of food and leisure closed for extended periods of time over the past year. It states:

“The current market uncertainty over entertainment in the light of Covid-19, the pandemic and the recession, means that it is preferable to have an alternate permission in place for a retail town centre use, should the unit become vacant.”

They are effectively hedging their bets should they have to up sticks and sell the property if they deem it no longer viable.

The plans highlight that although they haven’t lined up a specific buyer, the building and its location does lend itself to a retail park style occupant. There is large scale parking, a big entrance, and lorry delivery bays.

What Locals Have Said About the Plans

Locals who have written in and had their say on the application are somewhat divided. So far, however, the objections have outweighed letters of support.

One local resident, who lives in a block of flats just opposite the site said;

“The bedrooms of Channons Place back onto the section of the site where lorries will be delivering and turning, increasing air and noise pollution from large vehicle engines and reversing bleeps. Also bleeping from forklifts. The current use of the site does not result in this kind of constant disturbance.”

Another neighbour agreed with the reservations, emphasising how cooperative the current bingo hall owners had been;

“The current occupiers… have been exceptionally quick and eager to resolve any issues I’ve raised… I hope any new occupants will be as diligent and considerate.”

Unfortunately, we could be reading a few more stories like this going into 2021 as the economic situation remains somewhat uncertain.

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