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Do you own a bingo site? Do you want more visitors? More success? Well then, you want to advertise with us here at WDW Bingo!

We offer a wide variety of advertising opportunities at competitive rates, including reviews, screenshots and banners for your site. Whether you want to show off a big bonus offer or advertise fun free play, new members will flock to your site through WDW Bingo.

PPC Traffic

We target high volume bingo only keywords on Google and Bing.  This traffic is extremely expensive, but the quality is apparent in the player values.

 *The minimum CPA for WDW Bingo is £100 CPA.

Here are the rules we use to rank sites on our PPC landing page:

1)  The top slots on our site are reserved for companies that pay in advance
2)  Ranking is then determined by CPA earnings
3)  The 3 least performing advertisers will rotate on position 5


SEO Traffic

Our deals are based on the software you use, this is because conversion rates are dictated mainly by the customer acquisition path of the software company.

Software  CPA
Dragonfish £45-£80
Virtue Fusion £80-£120
Microgaming £70-£100
Cozy Games £100-£150


We are proud to be one of the UK’s most popular bingo portals, but don’t just take our word for it – get in touch now!

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