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Handheld Bingo Devices

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: July 20th, 2015

Handheld bingo deviceElectronic Bingo Terminals (EBTs)

Electronic bingo terminals (EBTs) have been widely used by land-based bingo halls for quite a while now. However, recently these devices have adopted a handheld size and design, becoming portable. In fact, 20% of players at traditional bingo halls are already enjoying this bingo tool.

Both bingo and slot games are playable on an EBT tablet, giving players more variety. Furthermore, bingo games run more efficiently with handheld devices, progressing fast, which allows time for many more games then a club would usually be able to fit into their schedule.

EBT software includes 100% accurate tracking mechanics, automatically daubing numbers, even when managing multiple bingo cards. Not to mention, disabled people and the elderly will be able to play bingo now that the method has become less demanding. However, the player is still responsible for shouting ‘BINGO’ and claiming the win once the tablet shows a winning pattern. Note that the maximum number of cards you can buy varies depending on the type/brand of EBT.

Wireless handhelds are also exceptionally cost-effective, as debit payments can be set up to run straight from your bank account to the terminal. The cost effectiveness of EBTs enables operators to boast higher stakes and prizes. No need to worry about personal security either, as EBTs have proven to be exceptionally reliable and secure, approved by the UK Gambling Commission.

“This is going to be hugely attractive to Bingo Clubs that have been suffering under the limited numbers of the popular B3 machines they were allowed to offer,” commented X2 Computing. “We are already receiving enquiries from many of the UK’s leading operators looking to increase their useage of these mobile devices and expect this to help consolidate our position as the leading supplier of handheld EBTs in the market.”

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