Fined for Parking at Bingo Hall

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: March 6th, 2015

A Worcester mother has been given a parking fine, despite having evidence to prove that she had bought a ticket.
Highview Parking issued the fine when the woman visited Gala Bingo on Valentine’s Day and parked there.

The notice, issued on 20th February says the car was parked at Gala Bingo between 12.38pm and 3.35pm on Saturday February 14th, but that “we do not have evidence that a sufficient parking payment was made to cover the full duration of the visit.”

However, the woman has provided evidence of the ticket she paid for – covering her stay from 12.40pm and 4.40pm.

The father of the woman’s boyfriend (the boyfriend being the registered keeper of the vechicle), who declined to be named, said he had urged her to keep the ticket as evidence after she received two previous penalty charges at the same car park.

The family are hoping that they can now get reimbursed for all the penalty charges, including this most recent one.

The charge notice makes a demand for £85 or £50 if payment is received by today.

In the letter to Highview Parking some of the comments made it clear they think the charges are inappropriate: “My concerns are that the charge notice is relying on inaccurate evidence obtained by a camera that clearly is not linked to the ticket machine or that the camera evidence is not checked against the ticket machine.

“There is also a latent threat to impose a debt collection charge of £40 at the expiration of 28 days, what is this based on?

The charges levied are extortionate and do not represent the actual cost of recovering excess charges i.e. the actual period of time overstayed plus an administration cost to recover that amount.”

We are not aware of Highview Parking or Gala Bingo returning a comment at the time of this story being published.

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