The Sun Bingo Attempts To Break 2 Guinness World Records

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: June 1st, 2017

The Sun Bingo Attempts To Break 2 Guinness World Records

The Sun Bingo will attempt to break two Guinness World Records on Saturday 3rd June in Blackpool. The bingo brand has acquired 75 oversized bingo balls and a 4 x 4 metre bingo card in preparation for their shot at breaking the records for the largest set of bingo balls and largest bingo card.
400 The Sun Bingo players have been invited to take part in the event, where they will play two games of standard 75-ball bingo and will be able to win up to £30,000 in prizes. An official Guinness World Records adjudicator will be present to confirm if the record is beaten. The first game will take place on the sea front with bingo balls of one metre across, and the second will take place in Blackpool Tower with the oversized bingo cards.

Tom Ustunel, betting and gaming director at The Sun, said: “Sun Bingo is known for having the biggest balls in the industry so it makes sense that we set the record straight. Bingo is all about bringing people together to enjoy some fun and be sociable so it’s great that we can celebrate this day with a host of our most valued customers.”

Sources: Event Magazine, SBC News

Image: Event Magazine

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