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Thief Caught Out By Coca-Cola Habit!

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: December 8th, 2014

Now this is a slightly amusing (bizarre?) story to brighten up your Monday morning!
How many of us have pesky bad habits that land us in trouble from time to time?

Well, Elliott Harris might not be so keen on his favourite soft drink after this episode!

Mr Harris raided a foster mum’s home after learning that she had just won £1,000 at bingo, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

19 year old Harris, of Hesters Way Road, Cheltenham, was given the information by a teenage boy who was being fostered by the Coney Hill woman at the time.

The winnings had been hidden too well by the woman however, and Harris wasn’t able to locate the money.

Unfortunately he did end up taking £880 in cash, which the woman had saved for holidays in tins around the house, said prosecutor Janine Wood.

Harris also took two gold chains of great sentimental value, added Mrs Wood.

He was caught because his fingerprints were found at the scene, she further stated.

Harris pleaded guilty to burgling the house last August and also admitted breaking into a house in Trimscombe Way, Cheltenham, on August 29th.

In this burglary he stole an iPad and a small amount of cash to a total value of £300.

Mrs Wood said he was caught for that burglary because he took a can of Coke from the utility room, drank some of it and left it on a garden wall.

It was found to have his DNA on it.

Harris further admitted twice breaching an ASBO banning him from associating with the teenager who had tipped him off about his foster mum’s bingo win.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC jailed him for eight months for the Coney Hill burglary, 10 months consecutively for the Cheltenham raid, and three months consecutively for the ASBO breaches.

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