Tombola Set Up Talent Academy in Sunderland

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 13th, 2018

Who knew bingo could help young people get jobs?
Well, Tombola bingo has just recruited the first students to its top talent academy. The July launch of The Tombola Academy was in the town of their headquarters, Sunderland.

It has now recruited its first 19 apprentices and graduates to become the next generation of hi-tech talent.

Chief executive of Tombola Ltd, Phil Cronin, said: “Tombola is one of the largest employers of game and web developers in the North East, so it’s vital for us to make sure we attract and develop the best young talent.”

12 university graduates have joined the company after completing game programming and related field degrees.

Graduate Kris Deacon, 21, said: “I’m really enjoying being part of the Tombola Academy as we’re receiving brilliant on-the-job training in a really friendly work environment. As a recent graduate it’s brilliant to already be getting the experience I need to help advance my career.”

Tombola has also welcomed 7 apprentices to the academy after partnering with Sunderland College.

The 12 month apprenticeships are designed to provide work-based learning while the apprentices also work towards an NVQ qualification.

Reece Scott, 18, said: “The Tombola Academy is a fantastic opportunity for me to advance my skills in web development and I’m really enjoying working for such a successful company.”

Tombola is one of the leading employers in the North East, employing more than 200 people in the region.

WDW wishes all these clever clogs well, and maybe one day soon we’ll be seeing their work on the Tombola website!

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