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Beware the Bingo Ghost….Players!

What is a Bingo Ghost Player?

You may be wondering; what IS a bingo ghost? Well, simply put; a player who doesn’t exist in real life.

Bingo ghosts are actually fake accounts, planted on bingo sites by the operator, to keep winning cash payouts from leaving their company.

Do they actually exist?

No. They don’t. Ghost players are illegal, folks, and bingo operators are all strictly policed by the UK Gambling Commission (WDW Bingo included)! Where do rumours like this come from then?

Usually, when the same person is spotted winning again and again and again at a bingo site, then jealous tongues start wagging. Consider though, that online bingo rooms are tiny compared to land-based halls. As there are much fewer players vying for the same prize, names are bound to come up repeatedly. Also, players choose how many tickets they wish to buy at the start of a game, and some people have a habit of buying more tickets then others. More tickets mean more chances to win, meaning so-called ghost players are probably just big ticket spenders.

If a player joins all the games, but never seems to comment in any chat, they look a little suspicious. But instead of screaming “GHOST!!!”, why not try to get them involved by giving them a quick “gl”? You’ll find most ghost players are actually just shy humans! They just need a little push to come out of their shell.

Still worried?

If you’re still convinced ghost players are out to get you, here are a couple of easy steps to keep you safe online:

1. It’s a good to go through site reviews before you sign up – if there are lots of happy customers, chances are the customers are winning!

2. Check out the list of bingo gambling licenses at the official Bingo Association website. Their job is to keep track of all the faceless corporations to ensure fair-play.

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