Online Bingo Tournaments Explained

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: August 10th, 2015

How Does a Bingo Tournament Work?

Online Bingo TournamentOnline bingo tournaments may not be as common as tournaments of poker, but nevertheless are extremely popular. The rules of a bingo tournament will often differ quite widely from one site to another, so players should always check the terms and conditions (located in the site footer) before buying any tickets.

Usually, to enter a tournament players must first by tickets to the qualifying rounds. A round consists of one bingo game and winning that round will earn players a ticket into the next round. Although tickets are given out for one and two line wins, usually a full house will win you more tickets. This continues through several stages; quarter-finals, semi-finals, etc, eliminating players at each stage. Eventually, there are a small group of players, sometimes just two, left to go at it in a final bingo game.

Another way to play tournaments is to judge winners by money. Each player starts off with a set amount of real cash. Then players have a set time limit to get through as many bingo games as possible, earning/losing money from those games as they go. Whoever is left with the most money at the end wins – simple! As a tip, try to choose games which will increase your chances of winning, such as selecting a bingo room with less players to compete for the prize with.

When & Where To Play

The majority of online websites will conduct at least one bingo tournament on each day, so keep your eyes peeled. Daily tournaments usually have a top jackpot prize of about £100. However, bigger tournaments tend to stretch over a period of days, or even weeks. The benefits of participating in bingo tournaments include much bigger prize, often including cars, laptops and thousands of pounds in cash.

Land-based bingo halls can also stage tournaments, usually as part of a National Bingo Game.

Land Based Tournament Bingo

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