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Bingo as a Travel Game

Bingo as a Travel Game

Bingo on the Go

Stuck on a plane for 14 hours? Trying to entertain children on a road trip? Bingo could be the answer to all your problems!

Spotters Bingo

Travel Bingo Card

We are happy to bring you the cure-all to backseat boredom and lazy legs with on-the-go spotters bingo. The game is simple. Print off bingo cards, easily available online for free, which feature different objects you might see on your journey. The first person to cross off all these objects (after spotting them of course) wins the game with a full house. Coins make for particularly good card markers if you happen to have a flat surface – then the winner can take all the coins as their jackpot prize! Pens and pencils can be used if you’d rather keep it simple though. The only trouble is to beware of cheaters; it’s very easy to claim you saw something that wasn’t actually there – especially when moving at high speeds.

Alternatively, you can make the bingo cards yourself if you’re feeling inventive. It’s not too hard. All you need to do is draw out a 5-by-5 grid and fill it with different pictures or names of objects, such as a farm, a bird or even a specific road sign. Anything could be included!

We especially recommend spotters bingo for families with young children because kids will absolutely love it. This is especially true if the cards are filled with pictures rather then names, as many children will also take to colouring in the objects.

Magnetic Mayhem

goplay Magnetic Bingo

Then again, if you want to keep the game more traditional, we suggest buying a cheap magnetic bingo kit. This classic version is usually present in a metal tin so all the magnetic card markers will stay safely in place. A spin card, much like the one in Twister, is used to randomly select numbers rather then the caller or metal cage found in bingo halls. These tins are also quite small to fit perfectly in your lap or a travel bag – easy to take on uncomfortable journeys.

Modern Technology: Phones, Laptops & More

And of course, there are always the usual online bingo rooms us WDW fanatics are obsessed with. Portable to any holiday with a Wi-Fi or data collection, you are able to play for real money and win fabulous prizes no matter where you are in the world, on PC, tablet and mobile! The only downside is that this form of bingo fun is adult exclusive, so you might need another strategy for keeping any kids busy while you play.

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