Jackpots - What Would You Spend It On?

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: June 11th, 2015

We all dream of winning big…

What would you do if you became an overnight millionaire? Buy a new car? A new house? Maybe you need a bit more inspiration to get thinking on it. Well then, lets look back at some of the most memorable UK jackpot success stories, and see where their wonga went.

Sarah Cockings

Lottery winner Sarah Cockings

Young and beautiful, Sarah Cockings was just 21 years old when she scooped a £3 million share of the National Lotto jackpot. Her first spend was for mum and dad, buying them their long awaited dream house. Next, Sarah indulged in a few cars and luxury holidays for some much pampered ‘me time’. However, the most quirky and memorable purchase had to be buying breast enlargement surgery for her two sisters, Emma and Alex!

Sarah did have a tad bit of man trouble at first when her romance with Roy Kelley crumbled after the win. In her quest to find a man, Sarah even agreed to go on a date with a Sun reader, posting a promotion in the newspaper. She has since gone back to university to complete a degree, earning a 1st in Care, Education & Counselling, with ambitions of going into social work. The full time mum now lives with her partner and their 2 year old son in Morpeth, Northumberland – with a second baby on the way.

Jackie King

Lottery Winner Jackie KingJackie was all over the newspapers when she won a Lotto jackpot of £14,003,369 in November 1998. She has been the biggest publicity winner to date in terms of coverage from the national press. Married at the time and mother to two sons, she worked in adult education. Following the win, Jackie quit her job but considerately continued to work a full months’ notice

Unfortunately, Jackie’s marriage fell apart in her post-jackpot years, making her now a single gal on the prowl. Jackie lives in an absolutely gorgeous six bedroom home (swimming pool included!) in Grimsby. She rents property these days to provide herself with a steady income, which has enabled her to give her two, now grownup, sons a fantastic start in life.

Colin and Chris WeirColin and Chris Lottery Winners

Colin and Chris Weir, age 64 and 55 respectively, broke the record for biggest UK lottery win back in July 2011. They won a whopping £161 million from their EuroMillions ticket. The Scottish couple had been married for 30 years and have two children. Therefore, they spent lots of the cash on their family and friends, even treating one to an £88,000 Mercedes!

This was of course after buying themselves  a country house, valued at over £850,000. It included views of a stunning hillside, a cinema pool and stables overlooking the Firth of Clyde. Generously, they then gifted their old £220,000 house to the teenage mum who lived next door. More recently, the couple donated has donated over £2.5 million to the Scottish National Party, backing the ‘Yes Scotland’ referendum campaign for independence from Britain.

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