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Top Chat Host Awards!

We’ve tracked down the top Chat Hosts & Moderators in online bingo. Discover all the best bingo-lingo at these popular sites today!

Bingo GodzBingo Godz receives chat host award

In first place we have Bingo Gods; a stand-alone site. This means that unlike most online bingo sites, it doesn’t run off wider, well-known network software such as Dragonfish, Virtue Fusion or Cozy Games.

You see, these established bingo networks have their own collection of chat hosts who moderate all sites under their control. Therefore, the same standard chat hosts crop up again and again and again.

This is where Bingo Godz come out on top. They are independent, which means, independent games, independent forums and independent hosts. As their chat hosts are loyal to one site, and one site only, building up a stronger bond with returning Bingo Gods players. They recognise users as individuals, welcoming them back to regular rooms, asking after their interests and in general being more of a ‘friend’ then a faceless referee.

Not to mention, Bingo Gods don’t make you suffer through the overly enthusiastic babbling which is a problem with many bingo chat hosts. They don’t use excessive smiley emoticons and ignore repetitive bingo lingo like “wdws” and “gl”. Instead, players get an actual person, someone they can talk to and build a genuine rapport with. They get to actually ‘chat’…which is harder to find then you’d think in a bingo chat room!

Our pick of the best CH lines at Bingo Godz:

  • CM_Harmony: aww take care angie hunni hope you feel better soon x x x
  • CM_Harmony: haha bless he’s tryin’ to clean em for ya lol


Bubble Bonus

Bubble Bonus receives chat host award

Our number 2 chat host award goes to Bubble Bonus for their helpfulness and advice. While most chat hosts are happy to cheer on bingo players, they rarely give tips or explain rules. Bubble Bonus is different; they’re quite happy to help you out of any sticky situation ASAP.

For instance, just recently one of our researchers took part in a Bubble Bonus chat game. She didn’t understand the rules and the game was progressing very quickly. If it wasn’t for one of the chat hosts jumping to her aid, she would have missed an extremely big win. There were lots of players; the fact this chat host noticed one in dozen was struggling, without any prompting, is very impressive.

Furthermore, normally we at WDW can’t stand emoticons. They distract too much from conversation and will do your head in trying to figure out what everything means. However, for Bubble Bonus we make an exception. Their drawings in chat boxes use only simple slashes, brackets, etc, but are fantastically realistic. Whether it’s a picture of a dabber, an angel or a throne, Bubble Bonus blows me away with their playful illustrations every time.

Our pick of the best CH lines at Bubble Bonus:

  • #CHMarcel#: Hi new roomies!!!!! Pull up a chair and stay a while! *Picture of a throne*
  • #CHMarcel#: I’m sprinkling miracle dust on the roomie cards *Picture of a fairy*


Gala Bingo

Gala receives chat host award

Gala bingo is a huge brand name, which affords it a lot of advantages over minor bingo sites. In particular is its ability to host a lot of dedicated, diverse bingo rooms, providing a huge number of diverse players. This means the chats get incredibly involved and intense.

Not to mention, Gala employs its very own collection of Chat Moderations, whereas most bingo sites employ a network of cheap employees. This gives Gala a more dedicated workforce then you might find elsewhere.

In fact, the hosts even have their very own page on the Gala website where each individual’s profile is displayed, accompanied by an expressive mug shot. Buzzby the Bear (Gala’s mascot) introduces them as a “dream team” with sparkling personalities, making them appear so much more human. Their almost like celebrities compared to the faceless moderators of other sites.

Our pick of the best CH lines at Gala Bingo:


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