Weird Bingo World Records…

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 14th, 2018

From the wacky, to the wonderful, to the downright weird…

Biggest Bingo Balls World Record


Wow. We at WDW are amazed at just how many records you can break in a single game of bingo. Here are our top picks:



1. Dauber Tower

World Record veteran, Doug McManaman, stacked 82 bingo markers to make the world’s biggest dauber tower. According to the rules, challengers must use unaltered plastic markers and the tower must remain balanced for at least 10 seconds. One thing’s for sure – Mr McManaman must be seriously good at Jenga.


 2. Balancing Balls

Again from Doug McManaman, simply to honour the game of bingo he loves so much. This time, he decided to balance a basket of bingo balls on a pole from his chin! He lasted exactly 1 minute and 19.4 seconds. Now that’s an enthusiast!


 3. Office Shenanigans

Set on 28th April 2012, the biggest ever game of bingo in an office was run by 97 Task Us employees. Participants organised the event to celebrate RecordSetter’s World Record Day. Warning: want to challenge them? Video evidence is required!


 4. Quickest Win

Darryl Howe beat odds of more than 93 billion to one when his 15-number full house came in after just 23 calls. This astounding bingo win happened only 40 minutes after Mr Howe first opened his account on the William Hill website. Our lucky newcomer walked away with a giant jackpot of £18,000!


 5. Who’s got the biggest balls?

Our most recent record breaker is Gala Bingo! Using the world’s biggest bingo balls yet, this gambling giant organised a game right on the famous cobbled roads of the Coronation Street set.

The ‘Corrie World Record’ was able to raise £10,000 for Male Cancer Awareness Charity! All 90 of the custom-made big balls were in fact intended to symbolise the intimate areas of prostate, bowel and testes cancer.

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