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Emoji Bingo at Mecca Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: November 5th, 2015

The way we play bingo is changing due to the growing demand for convenience and instantaneity as a result of the fast-paced society that we now live in. This has led to bingo operators committing themselves to enhancing the gaming experience for mobile players and leading the way is Mecca Bingo with their new Emoji Bingo game.
This bingo game is like nothing you’ve experienced before because it replaces your traditional bingo balls with emojis which adds some extra fun to your bingo. This new bingo game is just like 50 ball bingo which is also newly developed so Emoji Bingo really is cutting edge.

The room is open between 9am and 10pm every single day so there are plenty of opportunities to scoop up a prize. What’s more, every player is limited to one ticket per game so you have the same chance as everyone else of winning and what’s even better is that you pick your own ticket price – how crazy does that sound? This means that this game suits all types of bingo players so whether you’re a penny pincher or a high roller you’ll want to play for the big jackpots. There’s also a community jackpot so whether you win or lose you’re guaranteed to be taking away some cash. With guaranteed cash up for grabs every time you really don’t have anything to lose and you never know you could be the lucky winner taking away the jackpot.

If you fancy giving Emoji Bingo a go then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s really accessible and you can play it on any mobile device. There are two options on how you can play it – you can either download the Mecca Bingo app onto your iPhone or iPad or you can access it through your web browser on any tablet or smartphone.

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